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What is the Feral Cat Project?

To significantly reduce the number of homeless stray cats in our city by providing aggressive spay/neuter programs and making the service available to every segment of our population, regardless of income.

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Why Does SpayMart Have a Feral Cat Project?

In a city with a near tropical climate, animals breed year round. This results in an alarming number of stray animals roaming our streets in search of food, trying to survive, but eventually succumbing to disease, starvation, predation, etc. In fact, national experts claim New Orleans has one of the largest per-capita feral cat populations in the nation, with an estimated 250,000 stray cats! Therefore, SpayMart sponsors a non-lethal program to deal with homeless cats in our city called The Feral Cat Project.

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What method Do We Use?

The method we promote is referred to as "TNR" (trap, neuter, return). Cats are humanely trapped, tested for disease, vaccinated for rabies, sterilized, ear-tipped (a universal sign of sterilization) and returned to the area from where they came. A colony caretaker is responsible for daily food and water and medical treatment, if necessary. SpayMart networks over 450 feral cat caretakers with the incentive of low cost spay/neuter and a Food Subsidy Program.

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How can I be a part of the solution?

If you are aware of a feral cat problem and need help with trapping, neutering and caring for ferals, you can call the hot line at (504)838-9167. Donations, of course, are appreciated and ensure the continued success of this program.

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My neighbors are complaining about the cats. What can I do?

Ask your neighbors the specific reason(s) behind their complaints. Often, complaints are easily refuted with the proper information. For example, if a cat is soiling the neighbors' gardens, place sand in an out-of-the-way area or keep litter boxes at the colony site, keep the litter area clean, and offer repellents. If neighbors voice health concerns, make sure that the cats are up to date with their vaccinations. Keep the cats' medical records in order and offer to share this information with your neighbors.

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Where Do Feral Cats Come From?

Many people erroneously believe that cats can fend for themselves. Cat owners often abandon their cats when they move or simply no longer want the responsibility of pet ownership. Such cats survive only if they find food, shelter, and avoid dangers such as injury from cars, dogs, other cats, or abusive humans. They are rarely spayed or neutered, and their offspring are raised without human contact. Within a few years, one or two cats can produce a colony of twenty or more.

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